Assassin’s Creed Playstation Home – Launch Trailer [Europe]

Ubisoft Playstation 3

Visit the Abstergo offices and the Assassin’s Creed hideout in Playstation Home. There is even a fun Tower & Defense game for you to enjoy. Many secrets await you, I am particularly curious what happens when you type the secret code on the computer correctly.

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  • frankcastle66

    i love the games they put in home like that… i played the one they put in for uncharted with my friend for hours lol so fun i think they took it out tho when they updated it a while back…sad face

  • Andrenekoi

    Wow, they really did a good job on this one, a lot of cool utilizations for Home in just one game theme, really impressive.

    That tower defense game looks fun.

  • I don’t really like Home all too much, but more stuff like this would definitely change that. Seriously, just plain awesome right here.

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