A Behemoth vs A Juggernaught … Who would win ??

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Well you have the power to descide.  The Behemoth is up agains the Juggernaught known as Blizzard in The Escapist Magazines’s  March Mayhem: Developers Showdown. The Behemonth has been selected as one of the 64 best game developers. NOW does One big fat chicken, have what it takes to take down the juggernaught known as Blizzard in the first round as they go head to head in the voting booth.  Make your vote count.  Vote for the under-chicken and let them topple over and lay and egg on Blizzard’s almighty head. 

All you need to do is vote for on March 17th. Click here create an escapist account if you don’t have one and get to voting! Then get your friends to vote. and their friends…  Come on we can do it!!

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  • skull_x_man

    i’d really want behemoth to win…but to be honest, i dont think they really have a chance

  • It’s be funny if Behemoth won but I mean c’mon.. Blizzard is just amazing.

  • Andrenekoi

    I’m a big Blizzard fan, as Diablo is one of the games were i invested so much time playing, but they lose some points for being together with Activision this gen, yet i can’t change my favoritism, lol.

  • versapak

    Blizzard is part of Activision, and Activision is on the outs with me thanks to overpriced DLC, a broken MW2, and a ridiculous sell out everything until it is worthless mentality.

    I LOVE Castle Crashers, so Behemoth is getting my vote. 🙂

  • LeperMessiah43

    i hope behemoth wins…i dont like wow and i havent played any other blizzard games so behemoth would get my vote

  • frankcastle66

    i vote blizzard …diablo 2 is just epic

  • Ty

    I’m taking the underdog, Behemoth. I guess we shall see, eh!

  • Andrew

    I’m also siding with the underdog, but it seems extremely unlikely that they can catch up now.

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