1942: Joint Strike HALF PRICE on PSN tomorrow !!

Playstation 3

Capcom’s 1942 : Joint Strike will be 50% off tomorrow (March 18th) on the Playstation 3 Network Store for only $5.50 !! THATS A SUPER BARGAIN !!

1942 has and will always be a classic, I remember playing this in the arcades back in the day.  Nothing will come close to its originality and amazing gameplay for its time it was the king of the vertical shooters. 

Another note : PSN store also has AGE OF BOOTY at half price as well.  But this will end tomorrow.  So make sure you grab it before it goes back to its normal price.

Stay tuned for the weekly Playstation Store update tomorrow for the rest of the cool deals, demos and movies 🙂

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