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Our Freelance editor koga88 recently posted this on the Capsule Computers Forums.  I’d like to post it on the main page and get your ideas, thoughts & suggestions on it.  Koga88 has some good points which I would like you all to see.   Have a read and leave your suggestion, comments please.

So what does everyone think about this game room? Personally I really don’t like the fact that they are asking us to pay so much for such old games. I know there is the option to buy the game for 240 points for only the 360 or the PC, and then the option to buy it for both for 400 points. But then again you can also find nearly any of the old school games remade 100 times over with additional features or add ons. Or you can even find the actual games themselves. So there really isn’t a need to have them on the computer.

Plus unless they added achievements to the console games, there would be almost no reason to purchase them. Sure it might make it feel like Playstation’s Home, but having those arcade games in your game room only makes it a small feature. And as stated before, you can go onto your PC and find those games for free quite quickly, from flash games to any other means of playing em.

Then again, if they add in the game room feature to show off other actual games, like retail games that you have played in the past that would be cool. Such as an ability to take a screenshot of something in a game you were playing, and be able to post it in a picture frame in your game room. Something like that would at least make it interesting, and give you customization options.

Let us know what you think.  Leave a comment

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  • Radical Dylan

    Honestly, 99% of the games that are going to be released in this “games room” can be gotten free on the internet. And 80% of gamers know exactly how to get these games for free. So i honestly don’t see it selling very much, unless they drastically reduce the prices.

    The only people that are gonna be buying these games, are parents for their kids, kids with their parents money, people who want the achievements, or a person who honestly has too much money.

  • FrehleyzComet

    Not excited at all for this. I think it’s an Epic Fail imo.

  • FrehleyzComet

    As per usual, everything is WAY OVERPRICED! Just like Avatar clothes and items. Five bucks for a virtual Ezio Outfit (while it is cool) is just too much money. I’d rather spend that $5 on an Arcade game or some good dlc.

  • Andrenekoi

    It’s really overpriced, with these prices people will continue to get those old games for free on the internet.

  • From what I’ve heard about this game room, there are a lot of missed opportunities. From what I understand, it’s just basically a menu instead of your avatar just walking around to the different machines in a *ahem* game room.

    Yet, you can buy all these little things for your room like signs and whatnot.

    And, leaving the pricing issue out of it, while it’s pretty cool to be able to get these old games and show some support with one’s wallet on some of these awesome games like Yar’s Revenge, let’s face it. The directional pads on those 360 controllers are worthless. And using the analogs just doesn’t feel right. Yeah, there are arcade sticks but they’re still a bit pricey.

    Cool idea, but from what I understand so far it’s not quite as realized as it could be. Still, I’ll give it a shot when it comes out.

  • Ty

    Good point. It sounds like a scheme to make more money…

  • Can you blame them? %$^$%^, MAKE more money. I’m MORE than willing to pay for a game like Yar’s Revenge. It’s a great game, and it’s showing my love FOR that game.

    Yeah, I can go to Atari’s website and play the game for free. I also have Atari Anthology for the PS2 (though I bought it used) … yeah … I can see how they’re being greedy fucks with this.

    But also, I can see how one can vote with their wallet for their love of a game. To me, Yar’s Revenge is worth every penny of 5 bucks (which is what I will spend on it so that I can play it on the both the 360 and the PC) and a lot of the other games are damned well worth showing the love.

    I think it’s a BIG mistake them rating the arcade room “E10” or whatever … because there were LANDMARK arcade games made that would be rated much higher than that. Mortal Kombat 1 and 2 (ignore that piece of shit 3), Killer Instinct and Tekken are just a few.

    It just shows me that there may not be any flat out arcade games on there worth mentioning from the later days of arcade gaming due to ESRB bullshit.

  • duraroc

    As I said when it was first announced – another money grab being made by MS. I won’t be buying anything from the game room until Xbox Live Gold is free and then I think I may have to be drunk to get something.

  • PlayingMantis

    This would have been cool if you could walk around and pick your arcade cabinet, each one being an XBLA game that you own already. Would be neat if it were like that, then have a couple free to play mini games, like air hockey, slot cars, or darts, etc. Darts will be cool once Natal is out.

    Maybe have a home theater setup, where you can go and watch Netflix videos etc.

  • jackashton

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  • jackashton

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