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Fishpond is Australia’s Biggest Online Store for Books, Movies, Music, Toys AND GAMES !!  They have a huge range of products to choose from and at VERY LOW prices.  If you live in Australia you can also take advantage of their FREE Delivery if you spend over $50.

At the moment Fishpond have a special promotion for Capsule Computers members that will give you an extra $10 OFF your next purchase.  All you need to do is make your order and then enter the voucher code “CAPSULE” and receive $10 OFF

* NOTE * This voucher can only be used once per customer and minimum spend of $59.99  is needed. This promotion is valid till the 18 of FEB 2010

Here are some great game Capsule Computers recommendations for games to buy from Fishpond
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 New Super Mario Bros Wii   Heavy Rain   MAG (Online Only)   Battlefield Bad Company 2   Bioshock 2
 Metro 2033  Bayonetta Climax Edition [360]  Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2  Dantes Inferno  Mass Effect 2 [360]

Find any game you want on any platform at Fishpond.  Use the Fishpond search engine below. Not into games, then you can also search for BOOKS, MOVIES, MUSIC and TOYS as well with the search engine below. Give a try now 🙂


Let us know what your going to buy !! 🙂 leave a comment below

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