UNCHARTED 2 soundtrack in stores today

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Sony announced today that the original sountrack to Uncharted 2 is now available on CD.  You should be able to pick yourself up a copy from any store around the US and or online from your Internet retail of choice.  If you have iTunes you should also be able to pick up a copy that way too.

The CD release version of the UNCHARTED 2 original soundtrack includes three previously unreleased tracks:

Take That!
Tunnel Vision
The Heist

If you haven’t picked up the soundtrack yet, this CD release with the additional tracks would probably be a good time to do so.

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  • Radical Dylan

    ooh… pretty!

  • Andrenekoi

    Still need to play the game, got it, but didn’t had time yet. 😛

    • Join the club … i have over 70 unplayed games on the XBOX 360 .. dont let me start on the other consoles 😉

  • MetalHeadX


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