Officially Official: Dudley, Ibuki, and Makoto Included in Super Street Fighter IV

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FINALLY ITS OFFICIAL !!! Capcom have announced the line up for Super Street Fighter IV.

A total of 9 YES 9 extra characters are now confirmed the last 3 have been announced and they are: Street Fighter III’s Dudley and Ibuki along with Street Fighter III Third Strike’s Makoto.  They all join Super Street Fighter IV newcomers Cody, Guy, Adon, DeeJay, Juri, and T.Hawk !! This is one KICK ASS line up of new comers !!

Now enough talking from me watch the trailer below that features all the new characters doing what they do best and thats KICK THE LIVING SNOT out of their opponents !!

GET HYPE (and oiled up)  😉

Who’s your favorite new addition to Super Street Fighter IV?

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  • Koalaboy

    I played a little Street Fighter 4 and couldn’t really get into it. It was supposed to be great, so we’ll see, maybe I’ll try it out again

  • Get HYPE! Can’t wait to play this! ^_^

  • Cameron

    Very looking forward to getting this! Only played SFIV at a mates but I’m waiting for SSIV to buy for mahself! All mine you hear me?!? MIIIINNNNNEE!


    • You gotta get it its going to be CRAZY .. IM ALREADY PUMPED and a little OILED uP as well just thinking about it 😉

  • @RA_TARD

    I recently got SF4 and now I need to get another! hehe, if only there was an upgrade patch 😀 >> i guess 9 characters would justify the purchase

  • Andrenekoi

    Guy was already confirmed, only that matters! (fanboy)

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