New Lost Planet 2 Screenshots Show Marcus, Dom, and Wesker

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DO NOT ADJUST your monitors, this isn’t a dream: Resident Evil, Lost Planet, and Gears of War have joined forced to destroy the EVIL that is on E.D.N III.

This is certainly a first in video game history that three iconic characters have come together and the real winners here are the gamers as they will be able to select them as playable skins in either the campaign or versus modes.

Check out the 3 screenshots above and below.

What do you think of this ?  Who will you choose to play with ?  Marcus, Dom, Wesker or the Original LP2 Characters that have now been thrown to the sideline to peel the oranges at half time.

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  • Andrenekoi

    Original LP2 characters for me. Never liked the ones from Gears of War. :/

  • bdavid81

    This almost seems like a joke, but it’s not even near April Fool’s Day yet…

  • Amy W

    Twitter follow & Rt as always, u guys rock! @eko0724

    But this does seem like a joke, r u sure it is not!!! What am I going to see next? Chris from Resident Evil bust out or maybe Leon do some quick action moves?? Really not a joke? R u sure!

  • Lisa G

    Wow my husband would love this game!!! He loves Resident Evil @ladylisa1 on twitter

  • PlayingMantis

    Hope Dom isn’t a npc teammate in the game, he had terrible AI in the Gears of War games.

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