Left 4 Dead 2D 8-bit Retro Game – Download it for FREE



Last year we quickly touched on the Eric Ruth’s retro de-make of Valve’s hit zombie killing masterpiece  Left 4 Dead.  Well we have some good news.  It’s now available for download and best of all IT’S FREE !!  *NOTE the game is for PC *

Check out the details below, screenshots and video trailer then click on the download button below to download it. Left 4 Dead 2D is a top down shooter with a Nintendo NES old school feel.   Check out the details below.

Details :

Pixel Force – Left 4 Dead is a retro de-make of Valve’s hit zombie killing masterpiece.  Lovingly recreated in a fashion that would have been acceptable in 1986 for the Nintendo Entertainment System, this de-make stands as the flagship title of the upcoming Pixel Force series from Eric Ruth Games.  Go alone, or invite a friend for 2 player co-op against the zombie apocalypse in all 4 of the original game campaigns.  2 difficulties and all 4 of the survivors make a glorious 8-bit appearence, complete with first and second tier weapons scattered along your path to escape.  So, grab your controller of choice and kick back with an award-winning retro take on the end of the world with Pixel Force: Left 4 Dead.

Gameplay Trailer :


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