Final Fantasy XIII XBOX Launch Event Competition !!

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Microsoft have provided Capsule Computers with 7 special passes to the FINAL FANTASY XIII XBOX Lauch Event at Sydney’s IMAX THEATRE, DARLING HARBOUR.

Have a read below and enter :


This promotion is valid for SYDNEY RESIDENTS ONLY.  If you win you must make your own way to the event.  We will be drawing the 7 lucky Winners SATURDAY Morning.  So make sure you enter before Friday 26th February (SYDNEY TIME)

Good Luck

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  • Andrenekoi

    I can’t participate (not from Sydney), but good luck guys!

  • Lythinari

    Looking forward to see Sazh’s cute little chocobo hiding in his treetop hair O_o

  • Mark

    I’m looking forward to playing the new Afro character and to make him my button-mashed slave.

  • Brandon

    i cant wait to see how the take the story plus Lighting is hot

  • Nathan

    I can’t wait to see how sexc final fantasy is in HD for the first time!! I’ve been waiting god knows how many years for xiii!!!!!

  • Jason

    I can’t wait to battle it out with the new battle system and on the beastie summons!!

  • Patrick Lum

    I’m looking forward to playing another Final Fantasy again.

  • Hi-Def Squeenix Goodness on the biggest screen in the Southern Hemisphere..i’ll start drooling now…gguuuhhhhhh. Final Fantasy Rules

  • Lysithea

    I’m looking forward to immersing myself in a stunning artwork experience that is worthy of my new TV.

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  • Kevin

    I am going to finally enjoy the PS3 that I bought especially for the next installment in the most intricate gaming series ever.

  • Sebastian

    I’m looking forward to my sexual orientation being changed again; Tidus turned me gay, Lightning may turn me straight.

  • Cortese33

    I really enjoy RPG games and looking forward to playing Final Fantasy XIII.

  • John

    Don’t you mean Microsoft has provided passes to the ‘Xbox’ IMAX event?

  • Luke Eller

    Looking forward to seeing all of the amazing summons.

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