Fable III Co-OP improvements

Xbox 360

Well we have some updates on the Fable III co-op mode.  Word has it that Peter Molyneux has heard our cries for help. 

Ok here’s the low-down from the down-low

1 : Your very own hero that you’re molding within your own world will now be able to come into your friends world when invited.  You will come in as your character, with your Dog, your own unique weapons, self-crafted weapons and be able to gain experience and everything else.   HAPPY DAYS !!

2 : No more keeping your friend you just invited into your world on a dog-leash with that annoying camera view.  That is now outta here.  Your friend will be free to roam your world with no restrictions what so ever. BUT.  Ohh man there has always gotta be a BUT !! and this is an EVIL BUT 😉 … BEWARE of the Dreaded “Consequences” from bringing in friends to your world of Albion.  Just be VERY CAREFUL who you invite in.  If by some chance you invite a random dude who you “Think” is your friend.. hmm then there could be big time consequences.  So be very careful and very cautious.  Don’t go blaming anyone but yourself if this happens.  You wanted the Free Camera all that freedom stuff then live with it if bad stuff happens and all your wives get pregnant and your kids disappear and your hated by the entire town.  Peter wont be able to help you 😉

 3 : Finally this is a cool addition, Peter advised that there will be a new functionality called “TOUCH”.  Have you ever wanted to skip down the road with your best mate hand in hand ?? … well ??? … come one .. I bet there’s a lot of you out there that have thought of it once or twice.  Well now you can do it with your friend.  Invite him/her in.  initiate the “Touch” function and skip through town to your hearts content.  Now once again don’t blame anyone but yourself if the townsfolk start throwing eggs and tomatoes at you and your wives are chasing you with rolling pins !!

Other cool functions of Touch will also enable you to Drag friends into dungeons .. or other places of interest … hmmm is that classified as abuse will they be able to call the Albion police on you ?  😉

Ohh Happy times !! ohhh Happy times !! 🙂

Your thoughts.  Leave a comment below.

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