Xbox 360 Latest NEWS from CES 2010 – GAME ROOM TRAILER !!

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Robbie Bach from Microsoft Entertainment & Devices division rerleased some major news for the XBOX 360 !!


Microsoft’s Channel 9 developer community site accidentally posted the video interview with Robbie Bach, President of the Entertainment & Devices Division, hours before the company’s CES press conference.  It is still up and can be viewed here.  This coveres a lot of information that Robbie spoke about in his CES presentation.  Check it out here.

Here are 3 BIG Pieces of Information :

#1   – This Spring, the first Modern Warfare 2 content packs will be available exclusively first on Xbox LIVE.

# 2GAME ROOM : XBOX LIVE ARCADE will have ATARI & INTELLIVISION incorporated with ur AVATAR called GAME ROOM ! – 30 arcade titles will be available in the Xbox Game Room when the service launches this spring for the Xbox 360 and Games for Windows Live

Watch The Trailer HERE !!



#3Project Natal will be available this holiday season 2010 !!

We’ll have more information on all three topics later on today 🙂

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  • I think the only thing to note here is Natal coming by the end of the year. But we will get it in Australia at the same time. I would bet, we don’t. Just like everything else.
    Gameroom, as I have been saying everywhere is a cash grab – I think people should not buy any of this stuff. Remember XBL Arcade, 400ms for ports of old software? Where have they all gone? Come off it, we already pay for XBox live, why charge is more for stuff.. bit like the Avatar clothes and props.

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