Stuck on Dark Void? Check out the Official Prima Strategy Guide

Dark Void came out yesterday, and if you find yourself stuck somewhere in the game, don’t panic: Prima have a free preview of the official Dark Void strategy guide. The file’s a pdf which you can download by clicking here.

More information :

The Prima Official Dark Void Strategy Guide will teach you exactly what you need to know to survive the void. Our detailed walkthroughs and tutorials will help you defeat every enemy, find every tech cache location, and uncover every hidden journal. Pro-tips and tricks will demonstrate how to pull off every special in-air maneuver and master each stunt. The technical story mode walkthroughs will step you through every mission, boss encounter, and much more. In an unknown land, let Prima guide you home.

You can download the complete guide for $19.99 on Prima’s official site!

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  • koga88

    Hm, I wonder if I should pick that up, though is the price of the store version any more expensive? i would prefer having a physical book than an online version only. Getting the game tomorrow so might help.

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