Project Natal meet EMG Sensor Technology

Xbox 360

We all know about Project Natal right ?? The amazing camera motion capture control style system that everyone go so excited about in 2009.  Well looks like Microsoft are 1up’ing themselves.

Microsoft Research has patented an EMG technology that will sense a person’s hand motion down to the smallest gesture (imagine being able to pick your nose in a video game and flick.. ok ok i’ll shut up)

The Video below explains everything you need to know, in a nutshell you put little wire connectors on your arm and they scan your muscle movement in your hand and then transfer the data to whatever you are trying to control.

It’s still a long way away before we can all play with this in the comfort of our own living rooms, but it looks very promising.  Microsoft is also developing a wireless EMG sensor module that can be placed over the entire body.  Now imagine the endless possibilities with a total EMG suit.  Sounds very futuristic !! Everyone suiting up for a game of HALO !! BAGS being MASTERCHIEF !! 😉

Enjoy the video let us know what you think of it.

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