Many surprises coming from Capcom and Microsoft on Jan. 26!

Capcom Xbox 360 Microsoft

Chris Kramer from Capcom posted this in his BLOG over at Capcom Unity earlier today.  Have a read then we can all discuss it.

“This image popped up on the Japanese Xbox site yesterday. We can’t tell you about all the delicious secrets that will be unveiled at this event, but we can hint that some of the news will be of interest to a global gamer audience. We’ll have a lot more information for you first thing in the morning on Tuesday, January 26.”

Now I don’t know about you guys.  But I”M VERY EXCITED !! 🙂 what could it be.  Let me throw something out there.  Street Fighter Vs Microsoft !! Imagine RYU smashing the living crap out of Steve Ballmer or fighting the evil Windows Vista 64 bit.  Not even akuma could take that evil soul away 😉 

Let us know your thoughts .. this looks very interesting.  🙂

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