Leaked Video Footage of Half-Life 2 Running on Xbox 360’s Project Natal

Xbox 360

Arn’t we lucky.  Two pieces of Project Natal information today to share with everyone.  Gossip Gamers just recently released some interesting information.  Looks like someone’s gonna get fired if they find out who did it.  What we have is leaked video footage of Half-Life 2 Running on Xbox 360 Project Natal hardware.  The video is quite blury and dark.  But you can make out whats going on.  It looks like Project Natal is slowly taking shape quite niecly. 

There is no confirmation or source as to where this video came from so do with it as you want.  Belive .. or not Believe .. that’s the question for now just watch the video and see for yourselves.

What do you think of this .. let us know leave a comment.

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