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You may be aware of the recent devastating earthquake in Haiti.  

Capsule Computer would like to urge everyone that visits today to donate and support everyone that was affected by this disaster in Haiti.  It is in our nature to care for people and communities.   The gift of giving, compassion and love is a very powerful thing.  And for the price of a Xbox Arcade title you could make a difference and help rebuilding the lives of everyone that have lost everything.

During any disaster, it is important to focus support through ethical, trusted local organizations and international NGOs that we can recommend based on our practical experience. For your reference, in the event that you feel inclined to make personal contributions, Capsule Computers recommend the following international organizations  


The Red Cross in Haiti now for the immediate relief operations: 

[Or send a $5 donation to the Red Cross by texting the word HAITI to 90999]

HOPE Worldwide:

United Way Worldwide:  

-[Or send a donation to United Way by texting the word HAITI to 864833]



Aussies you can help the relief efforts in Haiti! Donate via

World Vision ( or

Oxfam (

Capsule Computers has contributed and donated.  Please make sure you do the same 🙂

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