Dark Void Swag of Goodies !!

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Look what arrived in the mail today from Capcom !!


This swag is WAY OUT THERE !!  It’s been to the VOID and back, so it’s very special.  Ok lets go through them one by one.

First,  we have a cool looking Dark Void USB Flash Drive, this will always come in handy when your hacking into the Watchers central database. 

Dark Void - USB Memory Stick-01

Dark Void - USB Memory Stick-02

Next we have the Dark Void Iron On Heat Transfer sticker, perfect to slap on the side of your Dark Void Helmet .. will make you look extra cool (bonus points with the ladies, that’s the Watcher Ladies .. ewwww !!)

Dark Void - IronOnHeatSticker

Next an Exclusive Dark Void Prelude Comic.  Just the thing to keep you company at night when you’re all alone in the Void.  (its a good read by the way)  great work by Udon Comics, it looks like they have travelled to the Void as well.

Dark Void - Prelude Comic Book

Dark Void - Prelude Comic Book Inside

Next we have some limited edition Greetings from the Void – Postcards.   If your’re stuck in the Void battling all those Nasty Watchers, You’re going to want to send your mother pics of you flying and gallivanting all over the void so that she can rest easy at night.  (warning .. postcard might never reach your mother due to the very very bad postal service that the Watchers have in the void)

Dark Void - Postcard Greetings From The Void-01

Dark Void - Postcard Greetings From The Void-02

Dark Void - Postcard Greetings From The Void-03

Next, something we all need.  A Rubber squishy Yellow Dark Void Grenade.  Perfect for squeezing and letting out all that stress of flying around in circles trying to get the hang on that Jetpack on your back.  The Grenade can handle the pressure, so give it as much as you can.  It can take it.  And if all else fails and you run out of real bullets whilst battling the watchers you could throw this at them.  It wont hurt anyone but it could buy you some time to high-tail it outta there while they try and figure out what it is.  (The Watchers ain’t that bright you know) 

Dark Void - Soft Grenade-01

Dark Void - Soft Grenade-02

Dark Void - Soft Grenade-03

And finally the JEWEL in my Dark Void helmet.  Here we have a very RARE and limited edition Dark Void Poster signed by the who’s who of Dark Void.  Now this is even better than Dan from Street Fighters personally signed Autograph that he tries to flog to everyone he meets on the street.  I do have to say that this is certainly very authentic and will be worth a little bit of Dark Void currency in the future .. hmmm I wonder if any of the Watchers would be interested in it .. with this .. I could buy myself a nice condo in the Void and have Watcher maids bring me cocktails while I’m over looking the total destruction of the earth !! MUUUHAHAHA (evil laugh)

Dark Void - Signed Poster-01

And there you have it.  A trip to the Void and back,  I hope you all enjoyed the show.  If you want to know more of about the Void, the Watchers and Jetpacks.  Make your way over to The Official Dark Void Website, its jam packed with Dark Void goodness.  And if you still cant get enough.  Follow and keep up to date with all the latest news as from the Void by following Dark Void on Twitter.

Now were not done yet.  I have 3 limited edition Dark Void Postcards to give away.  To 3 lucky people.  All you need to do is follow Capsule Computers and Dark Void on Twitter and leave us a comments here telling us what you love most about Dark Void.  If you like you once you’ve posted off your comment here Tweet it to us so we know your part of The Survivors !!

Once we reach 50 + comments, we’ll pick 3 winners

Thanks and good luck to all !!

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  • Mirpkered

    This game is looking pretty nice. I haven’t really seen a whole lot about it though, but from all accounts it looks like it will be pretty awesome.

  • What I love about Dark Void is the entertaining Twitter feed!! Wonderfully in-character!

  • Lisa

    I think the poster looks cool. 🙂

  • I remember hearing about Dark Void a couple years ago and then nothing…glad to see it is on track for release.

    I’m hoping Dark Void can be a refreshing change – the jet pack fights do look very cool.

  • katmagick

    I like the Bermuda Triangle aspect. I have always been fascinated with that.

  • michelle rosborough

    Already following both on twitter. @dolls123
    Gotta love a man who can fly

  • I actually got a survivor swag pack too…but I didn’t receive a comic…and my signed posters didn’t have as many sigs…

  • What i like about is the amazing graphics & the fact that the game is enriched with the introduction of a jetpack.
    p.s Please cancel my previous post

  • koga88

    I actually really like the concept of fighting with the jet packs. It is a new unique take on the airborne battles and hopefully will be just as epic and motion sickness inducing as I hope it will be.

  • I love the gameplay it is just awesome. I tried this badboy at E3 and was blown away and that was just an early build. 😀
    I already know it is gonna be amazing and I will definitely be getting this game in Jan.

  • Will Parsons

    This game looks great. I really like the multilevels so you can be flying round then land kill some watchers then zoom off again. Also the mid air combat looks good as does the wepons and graphics. Finnaly he main characters name is Will as is mine.

  • Donna K

    It looks very good, but I haven’t tried it yet.

  • koga88

    What if you don’t get 50 comments after a long time? o_O

  • luke

    this game looks awesome the graphic and gameplay.

  • Mitch

    the combat looks very different but great

  • Darkestjamesg

    It is so kool that u can play in an angel ie like climbing a wall and still b able to shhot and plus who doesnt like a jetpac 😀

  • i RT but it still takes too long for it to fill :/

  • Ben

    I love the in-game ability to switch from dog fighting combat to a 3rd persons shooter.

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