Capcom Delays major titles !!

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Capcom is delaying Lost Planet 2, Super Street Fighter IV, Dead Rising 2 and the North American release of Monster Hunter Tri into a 12-month period starting on April 1, 2010.

A forecast revisions document reveals that all four titles will be pushed back to the company’s 2010 fiscal year (staring in April, ending March 31, 2011) and spread out over all four quarters of the year. The document lists the reasons for the delays as follows.

・Avoid competing with the major titles that other companies plan to introduce in the 4th quarter
・Preserve the value of Capcom’s titles and maximize sales volume
・Expand the lineup of titles in the next fiscal year and afterward

Well as long as we still have Dark Void to play that should keep us all busy for a while.

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  • koga88

    Awww, the rest of those titles I don’t have a huge interest in, specially not SFIV’s mess up. But Dead Rising 2 was a major game I was looking forward to, and now they are delaying it simply because they don’t want competition?

    • Pretty much .. but if they can afford the delay then more power to them. That way they will make more money and in the end its about the $$$ 😉

  • koga88

    Well, actually no matter when they release the game they will still make roughly the same amount of money. Even if they released the game in the midst of competition, people will still come back to buy their game if they really wanted it. Just because it might not sell ridiculous numbers in it’s week of release, they still would make roughly the same amount of money either way. But then again with the hype they can put on people, and making them wait longer for the games, the more people will want them

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