Make Street Fighter IV Fighting Game of the Year

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Not BIAS here at all¬† ūüėČ but I do think that it does deserve it.

So Street Fighter IV has been kind of a big deal.  Aside from scoring stellar reviews, and offering unmatched replay value, Street Fighter IV has also given us some incredible moments.  

It’s about a game you can pour yourself into, and in exchange you can find some button-mashy fun with friends, or go further into true emotional highs, devastating lows, and membership in a decades-long tradition of international warriors–part of something bigger than us all.¬† In short, SFIV is totally amazing.¬†

In a surprise to very few, SFIV has been nominated for “Fighting Game of the Year.”¬† Now if you believe that Street Fighter IV deserves to win (AND IT DOES).¬† As explained in my prevous post. Head over to the Spike’s Video Game Awards page and vote for the game that reignited a genre.¬†

Vote early, vote often, and most importantly–vote SFIV!

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