Left 4 Dead .. 8 BIT NES version ???? WHAT THE !!!

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Well yes .. its true .. someone is actually making a 8 bit NES Style version of Left 4 Dead.  And that person is called Eric Ruth.  Now I dont know about you guy’s but i’m a BIG BIG fan of 8-bit games.  And I’ve noticed a lot more poping back up again lately.   I say the more the merrier.

Now Eric describes the gameplay footage below gives you an idea of what the project looks like in action and how it plays. As you can see, it’s a standard top-down 4 directional action/shooter. Remade in the NES retro style, the resolution is at 256 x 240 and features 16 colors and a 4 sound channel soundtrack.

Check it out and have a read of some othe Q & A questions Eric has answered regarding the re-make


Q: Is this just an animation or an actual game?
A: An actual game. It will be available for free download on PC around January 4th, 2010.

Q: I only see one “special infected.” Will there be more?
A: Yes. All 5 special infected appear in this game regularly.

Q: How far along are you currently?
A: As of November 15th, I am completed with the first “mission: No Mercy” as well as most of the core game play mechanics.

Q: Does Valve know about this? And would they approve?
A: No, Valve doesn’t know about it yet, but I’m sure (with their love of community creations) that they will find this mildly amusing at worst, and hilarious at best.

Q: Will this version have all of the campaigns from the original game?
A: Yes. All 5 maps of all 4 campaigns will be present in the final product.

Q: Like your other games, did you make this one all by yourself?
A: With the exception of a few friends backing me up in the QA area, yes, the coding, debugging, sound effects, music and pixel art are all original work of Eric Ruth.

Q: Will there be more videos that show off more of the game?
A: Maybe 1 or 2, but that’s about it. If you want to see every campaign and fight every zombie, then you will have to download and play it.

Keep an eye out for this around January the 4th.  By the looks of it, its going to be FREE and for PC !!  Ill see if I can get a hold of Eric and ask him some more questions. 

Stay tuned.

Thanks and let us know what you think of it.

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