3 Million Modern Warfare 2 copies shipped in to satisfy UK demand & More !!

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This is BIG .. VERY VERY BIG !!

Modern Warfare 2

Modern Warfare 2 is breaking records left right and centre at the moment .. Ok lets start with this juicy piece of info

The launch of Modern Warfare was absolutely huge, there were people all over the world lining up some for over 8 hours to get themselves a copy of possibly the GAME of THE YEAR , and If you thought that the launch of Modern Warfare 2 was over and the game will die down, think again.

Sources advise that Activision has shipped some 3 MILLION copies of the game into the UK to satisfy the huge level of demand. It’s an unprecedented first-day ship number, and is enough to fully stock the thousands of stores open for midnight launch and beyond. Industry insiders believe that the launch will break all sales records, beating GTAIV’s five day UK record of over 900,000 units sold. It’s expected the remaining 1.5m units will keep the game highly-placed in stores in the run up to Christmas.

ALSO more pieces of information that will prove that Modern Warfare 2 is not JOKE !!

AMAZON.com also reported that Modern Warfare 2 by Infinity Ward was the “biggest selling pre-order video game of all time” it even surpassed total order for WOW’s Wrath of the Lich King.

Reviews for Modern Warfare 2 have also been very positive.  The game currently has a Metacritic score of 96 from approx 40 critic reviews.  It still has a fair bit to go (probably another 40 more reviews’ lets hope it gets pushed up 1 or 2 extra % to make it as good as GTA IV)

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