Half-Minute Hero .. TRUELY BRILLIANT !!!

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OPUS : A small independent Japanese developer, responsible for Red Ninja End of Honor on the Xbox, UFC on the PlayStation, Surfing H30/Surfroid on PlayStation 2, and Wave Rally on PlayStation 2.

Bring you BEST of E3 2009 title for the Playstation Portable :




Half-Minute Hero (aka Yuusha 30 in Japan). Is an amazing creative game puts you in the unique position of saving the world in thirty seconds.

Here is a brief description of Half-Minute Hero :

  • Fast-paced Action for Instant Gratification – A fresh new way to play games, clearing stages in 30-second intervals.
  • Four Completely Different and Unique Game Play Modes – Four distinct storylines and game play modes that encompass an action RPG, a shooter, an escort mission, and a strategy game keep the game play fresh and varied.
  • Over 15 Hours of Total Game Play With each of the four unique modes containing 30 distinct stages, short individual play times add up to multiple hours of total game play.
  • Old-School Graphics, New-Age Metal Sound – Classic 8-bit graphics give the game its unique visual style, while original music by one of Japan’s most critically-acclaimed guitarists
  • Check out OPUS website here for more information :  www.opus.co.jp/

    And the Official Half-Minute Hero site here : www.yusha30.jp/

    Check out this FANTASTIC Trailer



    Half-Min Hero is now available.  If your a fan of the RPG’s and 8 bit graphics Half-Minute is like a breath of fresh air which will keep you busy.  With over 15hours of gameplay.  This is a perfect pick up and play on the go type of game.

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