Sony Playstation 3.01 update now available


Sony has released a new firmware to fix the problems that the 3.0 firmware update caused for many PS3 owners. The update is not a mandatory update and will not kick you off an online session or require you to update your system. This is purely your choice.

At the moment this new patch might no fix any other problems or add any new content. It will however fix the previous freeze problems and glitches that the 3.0 firmware has caused for some users. As previously stated the update is totally up you and would probably be recommended.

One of the new options from the update is to remove the shiney sparles from the XMB and go back to the classic theme.

There are no other changes apart from that.   A few users reported freeze points in certain games such as uncharted.  So it is recommended to go through and check your games to make sure all are running fine.

Thanks Sony .. job well done.

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