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Gangstar : West Coast Hustle from Gameloft is the first of its kind GTA IV style game released on the 20th August for the Apple iPhone.  Check out the details below :
Move to the West Coast and immerse yourself in L.A. gang life with Gameloft’s Gangstar.  Explore more realistc environments that ever for a unique gameplay experience.  Complete 50 different missions that combine the best of action and driving games.

Gangstar has massive open-ended environments.  Get into a car and you can drive for miles and miles.  Completing missions can be done at your own pace.  Or you could just do whatever you want.

This is certainly the first iPhone game that displays such a high level of graphics in a full 3-D environment that has detailed buildings and breath taking landscapes.  And dont forget about the impressive cars on offer and the great animation of each one.

In Gangstar you can explore the city at your own will.  “Get Rich or Die Trying”   Shoot, fight, steal vehicles and kill your enemies by driving or on foot.  Get rich but be wary of the the police.

Intuative gameplay. You can drive vehicles with the aid of an easy touch control system, and aiming at an enemies is as easy as tapping on the screen as the the game takes on an auto aiming system.

Also included is an impressive radio station with hip hop, rap, reggae, electro, california punk and rock available for to listen to as you become the most powerful Gangstar in all of L.A.

Download Gangstar West Coast Hustle from iTunes for only $9.99 AUD click on the link below :

Buy Gangstar : West Coast Hustle on iTunes

Current version : 1.0.3 (OS 3.0 Compatible)

File Size 173MB

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