Capcom : LOST PLANET 2 Co-op Demo on Xbox 360

Capcom Xbox 360

If you haven’t already downloaded the Capcom’s Lost Planet 2 Co-Op Demo on Xbox yet .. this your second reminder to do so NOW !!

This will make it even easier .. Click on the button below and add Lost Planet to your download queue via

Here is a brief description of Lost Plane 2 :

LOST PLANET 2’s all-new co-op feature allows up to 4 players to team up in Campaign Mode, forming new tactics and strategies to tackle situations that would be impossible alone. This Campaign Mode demo showcases LOST PLANET 2’s stunning graphics by pitting you against the most massive Akrid ever seen. By teaming up with different allies around the world, each playthrough of this demo becomes a brand-new experience. Download the LOST PLANET 2 demo and start forming your own battle strategies now!

Sir Om Nom Nom’s BIG Brother is waiting for you .. what are you waiting for .. download the demo and get cracking with your buddies over live.  Thank you Capcom for bring the fun back into Co-Op.

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