Metacritic… What is it ?

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Metacritic.. Your asking yourself .. what is it ?? whats it do ?? Well ask no further.

Metacritic is a site dedicated in helping consumers make an informed decision about how to spend their money on entertainment–by providing access to thousands of reviews in a number of entertainment genres such as : film, video, music, games, books and television.
Most important to us gamers is how to spend our hard earned money on and with the aid of metacritic you can search games from all the latest consoles and make your desision with confidence.
Highly recommended by many metacritic is the place to go for anything that is entertainment.
Check out the website below :
I have also linked off straight to the Game section where you can check out all the latest games on all the currently platforms : XBOX 360, PS3, WII, PC.

Be Smart and do your research before you buy that game. Check out metacritic now.
Play Hard Or Don't Play At All!

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